Service MIROLA

Our over 25-years long experience, constant improvement of professional qualifications of our workers, implementation of unconventional contracts and a wide knowledge of market allowed us to create high standard for services and realisation of orders.

We guarantees the highest competence of our workers in terms of both knowledge and technical skills associated with electric drives.

Moreover, in response to market expectations, we are proud to present maintenance services in the scope of: technical advice, assembly, repairs, periodical inspection and maintenance of gates and shutters purchased from another producer.

Serwis, przeglądy, montaż - MIROLA

We will do our best to meet your expectations related to operation of gates and shutters, to ensure that their usage is accordant with their intended purpose, which guarantees comfort and safety.

Garage doors service and inspections

We strive to finish each gate repair during a single visit at the client’s site. To ensure that, we have equipped our service cars with spare parts and necessary tools.

Moreover, we offer a possibility to conclude beneficial service contracts, which guarantees constant care over gates, thus decreasing the risk of failure and gives comfort due to immediate reaction of our service. Those contracts cover not only our products, but also products of other manufacturers.

Serwis bram garażowych i przemysłowych - MIROLA
Maintenance and technical inspections:

Having in mind safety of operation, durability and reliability of your gates, we offer inspections and maintenance services. Their frequency depends on intensity and conditions of operation of a gate.

Each year, more and more devices intended for gates appear on the market and we notice a growing interest with maintenance services in Poland.

Considering the above, we have appropriately trained our servicemen, ensuring professional provision of this type of services. Gate inspection is confirmed by a protocol, which contains a detailed description of all performed operations and the current state of a gate.

We offer inspections and maintenance of gates in the scope of:

  • one-off gate inspections with a report
  • service agreement
Modernisation and renovation of gates:
  • Changing manual gate controls into electric controls – we can equip every gate with an electric drive with control devices. Such a solution not only significantly improves comfort and gate operation efficiency, but also its durability and service life through opening and closing with a constant speed;
  • Selection of new devices in place of worn, decommissioned ones;
  • Moving gate into a new opening, and change of its dimensions if needed;
  • Gates renovation – by washing and applying new coating on its armour and replacement of gaskets.

Service and maintenance of shutters

Our experience and constant improvement of professional skills by our servicemen guarantee professional level of shutters repair services and their completion during a single visit.

As a part of shutters service, we offer the following:

  • execution of current repairs of roller shutters (activation of blocked shutters, replacement of wires, belts, slings etc.)
  • post-burglary repairs associated with replacement of armours, guides, locks etc.
  • replacement of damaged electric drives or controls
  • maintenance by cleaning and washing of armours, lubrications of moving elements, adjustments and programming
Serwis i konserwacja rolet - MIROLA
Shutter alterations:

In time of growing automation of our life and relatively cheap electric drives, we offer modernisation of roller shutters and gates by replacing their manual controls with electric drives.

Having regard to client’s comfort and time, we execute the service comprehensively, i.e. including electrical installation and any other preparatory works. Installation of electrical drives significantly increases the comfort of use as well as durability of roller shutters by ensuring that they are opened and closed with a constant speed.



As a producer, we grant 24-month guarantee for our products.



To ensure safe, reliable and comfortable use of our products, we provide repair services and post-guarantee inspections.



We offer pleasant atmosphere, professional advice and assistance in selection of an offer that is most beneficial in terms of technical capabilities.



Our products have all necessary certificates and approvals, which confirms their high quality in terms of implementation of European safety standards.