Proper protection of the interior from the sun is important. In our shop, you can find external roller shutters that can be cut to size, available in many colours. Out modern solution can be used to protect both balcony and terrace windows.

The price depends on the product size and type. Our offer includes anti-burglary and electrically operated roller shutters. We are based in the Silesian Voivodeship but we collaborate with sales networks across the country.

_flush-mounted UPK 90
Warm solution without thermal bridges
thanks to the use of special thermal insulation film. The case is fully concealed so only the guides and curtain are visible.
Functionality and durability
of all the elements, including the automation, unsure many years of trouble-free use.
Safety is our priority
so we provide anti-burglary protections and strong roller shutter curtains that prevent burglary and resist vandalism.
Wide range of colours and veneers,
as well as various finishing textures and an option of RAL powder coating, which lets you adjust the colour to your individual needs and match any façade.
Thermal and acoustic insulation
thanks to the fully concealed case, which ensures a consistent façade design.
Comfort of use and high quality
of all roller shutter subassemblies guarantee easy, trouble-free and comfortable operation. There is an option to install an integrated mosquito net.
Additional anti-burglary barrier
can effectively discourage burglars and prevent forceful entry.
Guide rail colours and veneers
adjusted to the style and colour of the window profiles and the façade provide a consistent architectural design.
Systemic installation solutions
adjusted to the conditions on site facilitate the roller shutters to be installed in both new and existing buildings.
High resistance to atmospheric conditions
ensures long-term unaltered functionality. There is an option to install an integrated mosquito net within a single case.
Anti-burglary protection
in the form of a rigid curtain that is resistant to deformation and provides additional anti-burglary function, thus improving the building security.
The case, curtain and guide rails
are available in a wide range of finishing options to let you choose one that perfectly matches your windows and the façade.

The above presented model lets you select the right balance between light and shade, which is our motto and biggest motivation.

The external roller shutters we offer can be cut to size and are available in several dozen colours. We specialise in models that are installed on windows and ones that are securely window-mounted. Our offer includes modern roller shutters with the following features:

  • – anti-burglary,
  • – electrically operated,
  • – sun protection.
  • – terrace,
  • – balcony.

The price depends on the product type and size. The window shutters are made of aluminium and can be equipped in efficient anti-burglary solutions.

Terrace and balcony protection

Electrically operated shutters may be installed on surfaces with various sizes. The modern sun protection solutions can be flush mounted or lintel mounted.

Our products can include integrated mosquito nets. The price depends on the size and model. We are based in the Silesian Voivodeship but thanks to the collaboration with our partners, our products are available across the country.

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